Tuesday, March 8, 2016


The dates of our NYC reading with Stephen Schwartz will be solidified in the next couple of weeks. (If you've been out of the loop, our LA reading was moved to NYC, mid April) The iPad has been raffled - congrats to winner Chris Cannida - but the fundraising campaign continues… as do the miniLeaks!
Here's a glimpse of a pivotal moment in the show. It is the eve of Marquee's 18th birthday and his father opens a dark door, giving him the chance to redeem his earlier failures and reclaim his criminal nature.
(S/O to Michael Fruga, for his powerful portrayal of Father on our demos. Marquee is voiced by co-composer Jerome Johnson.)

(demo creds: FATHER - Michael Fruga, MARQUEE - Jerome Johnson, co-composer. Artwork by TuTchT IMAGING features the uberdope model CyKeem White, who's been kind enough to lend us some inspiration in creating concept images of Marquee.)

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