Saturday, September 28, 2013

DiG resurrected???

The first scene in our latest musical creation "DiG" takes place in a cemetery, so the resurrection of this show after it's premature death (or maybe "near-death") would be poetic justice at its best.  So keep your fingers crossed, intertwined & rooted in hope!  
We'll let you know next month about the future of this project! 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

T21 Update - Changes in our 2014 Stage Performance in Tulsa

If you are a project developer/producer for stage or screen, or if you're familiar with that end of the Entertainment game, you know that there are so many steps on the ladder which leads to getting a project in front of the audience that anything & everything can happen along the way.  For every 10 projects you develop, maybe only one will make it into the public eye in a form close to what you originally envisioned.  The sidetracking or derailing of a project usually happens in the early stages before it is announced to the public, but occasionally, a project can hit a brick wall later in the game, after many steps have already been climbed.

After 3 months of intense story development, we had just completed the book of our new musical DiG, we were well into composing the score, and we were only days away from beginning the casting process when we hit a snag.  And it was a big enough snag that getting DiG onstage in Feb, 2014 was no longer possible.  On the upside, we've done about a year's worth of development on this project, so even tho the musical DiG --- with this particular story & set of characters --- will likely never see the light of day, well, as one of our business role models Walt Disney said, "Good ideas never die.  Even if they are shelved, they will always return in one form or another."   So trust, LoJoFam, you'll still get to see the best bits and pieces of this latest LoJoWerkz creation as they show up in various places, including in our 2014 live performance for Tulsa audiences.

Here's the lil piece of artwerk we put together for our facebook post.  We posted it a few days ago with this status: "Hope you're diggin the artwerk...At LoJoWerkz we believe even the bad news should look as good as possible. lol"

Monday, July 15, 2013

New Roofless Concept Art

Here's a couple of posts we shared over on the Roofless Page. (
Enjoy the high life of the Roofless World for a coupla mins!

Monday, June 3, 2013

T21 - A collection of 2014 Projects rooted in Tulsa history

The Tulsa-centric T21 Project will kick into full steam in 2014!
Keep your eyes open for info about:
- A Live Stage Performance
- Dance Workshops
- Short Films
Projects are currently in Prep & Development
Stay tuned for more information!

Check out this first piece of concept art to visit
our T21 Blog.  Scroll down to get a quick overview
of all the elements of T21


Monday, February 4, 2013

This is a repost from the TuTchT IMAGING blog (the Graphic Design branch of LoJoWerkz operated by Tim.)  Even though we operate separate blogs, Facebook pages & other social sites for LoJoWerkz, Roofless, & TuTchT, there is a huge amount of crossover between projects.  Enjoy:

Monday, January 21, 2013

Happy BornDay to Grammy winning Roofhead ADAM MATTA!


HAPPY BORNDAY to Roofhead ADAM MATTA Adam is a world class, Grammy-winning Beatbox artist performing and teaching in many capacities with many combos, collectives, orchestras & groups, including his position as a permanent member of the chart-topping Carolina Chocolate Drops. He provided Beatbox accompaniment AND the voice of Tagz in our NYC premiere of "Roofless" a couple of years ago and was also gracious enough to collab with us on these underscore demos for several key scenes in the "Deal with the Devil" sequence of "Roofless," we produced for our developmental readings. Take a quick listen. It's basically just a set of 3 loop constructions with Strings...but I guess its special because it's the only new Roofless music we've publicly posted in over a year, so enjoy an aural taste of our lab-werkingz. hahaha. And yeah, Adam is doing the entire drum/percussion track on these joints. (String arrangements & Production by yours truly.)  
Concept Art by TuTchT IMAGING

Our Mentor Stephen Schwartz makes Broadway history!