Thursday, December 14, 2017


While we're up to our creative cortex in some major stage and screen projects, our blog update game has been virtually nonexistent.  We work largely in the quiet (as our current banner suggests) on new projects but TRUST, great strides are being made on our film "HOTFOOT," our flagship musical "ROOFLESS," a re-tooling of our musical "A SONG OF GREENWOOD" for a possible Centennial staging as part of the Tulsa Race Riot of 1921 commemoration, 2 brand new musicals, a miniseries and a handful of short films. All under wraps. So.....we're going to try to share some more of our social media posts here to keep the page from appearing so neglected while we're hard at work. 

We pulled out our TuTchT IMAGING toolbox and matched the "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" campaign vibe to celebrate three of our favorite Brit brothers in the Industry for their OPENINGS tonight.

JOHN BOYEGA opens tonight in STAR WARS across the country; MALACHI KIRBY opens tonight in London's West End in "BELLEVILLE;" and the man who "discovered" both of these men in their formative young teen years, poured into them, and now represents them as their agent, MR. FEMI OGUNS is constantly opening doors and minds. 
Mr. Oguns was awarded the prestigious "Special Jury Award" earlier this week from the British Independent Film Awards honoring his creation of the Identity School of Acting and Identity Agency Group in London.  "Identity" was Mr. Ogun's answer to the burning question of why there were so few actors of color in British films, on British stages, and among the ranks of young actors being admitted into the UK's prestigious acting schools.  His former students and clients are now a MASSIVE part of the Industry.  Respect, brother!  

What a night in the history of these three men!