Thursday, August 30, 2018


It's no coincidence that ROOFLESS characters Marquee and Lil Man were pulleyed down onto the TuTchT Imaging IG page last week.  They dangled their limbs and their dopetitude over the cryptic hashtags "#steadybuilding and #raisingroofs."  Yup, 'twas indeed a bit of visual foreshadowing.  Nearly 2 years of feverish work has been silently going on down in the depths of the LoJoLab since our last Broadway trip, table reading & strategy session with the esteemed Mr Schwartz of Oz and ahhs. 

We'll have some updates and announcements before year's end. Till then, the h's of our ubiquitous "Shhhhhhhhhh" still encircle and mask our goings-on.

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