Saturday, May 24, 2014

Saturday, May 17, 2014


OUR MULTI-FACETED T21 PROJECT KICKS OFF ON MAY 31st with a dance workshop conducted by our guest artist LIL BUCK, and special guest instructor Hampton "Xcercist" Williams (SYTYCD Seasons 9 & 10) who will join the workshop fam to round out an incredible dance experience.

Click on the poster below for full workshop details. 

(Update: The event was amazing! Lil Buck and Xcercist provided the perfect Yin Yang vibe in the classes and the workshop participants are still buzzing about it!   Pics and Vids are floating around Facebook and YouTube. We'll post some here soon.) 

Monday, March 31, 2014


T21 is a multi-year, multi-faceted project that includes dance films, dance workshops, and a live kick-off show on June 27th (Our first live production staged in Tulsa in over a decade.  One night only!  
Click the T21 link above to visit the T21 Page for all the latest info!!!


We constantly get asked "What is it that you guys actually do?" Totally understandable since the majority of our work over the past decade has been on projects in development, only seen by small groups of people. We also know that this is social media, so responses over 140 characters are generally considered TMI. So while it still won't answer the question at hand --- at least its got pictures. hahaha.


From 1996 to 2003 we wrote and produced a string of original community theatre musicals on a shoestring budget with the help of some brilliant Tulsa performers and volunteers.

We recently dug up a stack of decade-old VHS tapes so you could see some of the madness we put on stage in our early years.  (This montage leans towards the lighter, Musical-Comedy side of our work.)

From our shows: A Song of Greenwood (1998, 2001,) Moved (1999,) The Edge of Town (1999. 2001) and Roofless (2002, 2003).

Enjoy the trip down memory lane!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Link to our new T21 WEBSITE!!!

The T21 site is now officially up and running!  
Lots of information about what T21 is and the three T21 projects currently in production. It will be the go-to spot for dates, timelines, casting information, concept art, behind-the scenes pics and footage of the T21 stage show and films as they come to life!  We will be making a BIG announcement very soon regarding our first T21 visiting artist!  This will also be the spot to purchase advance tickets for the events!  

The curtain rises on the first T21 events on May 31st, but the behind-the-scenes hubbub is already at a fevered pitch!  Be a part of our first LoJoWerkz project created FOR Tulsa, BY Tulsa, and ABOUT Tulsa in more than a decade!!!   

Here's the gateway!  C'mon in and journey deeper with us!  DiG?

Sunday, March 9, 2014

T21 Update - "Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!"

Exciting news about our next project!

After months of laying the preliminary ground work, one-on-one meetings with folks banging out ideas, trying to give shape to a molten mound of creative concepts, and a coupla typical "false starts," last night was our first large group meeting of potential T21 teams members.
We pitched the entire project to them to gauge the level of interest.  Granted, it wasn't the most spectacular of pitches because it came from the droning voice of one of the behind-the-scenes, not-so-charismatic creators (me.) hahaha.  But take heart LoJoFam, the pitch audience was full of some of the most charismatic, skilled performers, facilitators and production technicians in Tulsa… and the response was very positive!  These folks are ALWAYS the key to transforming the ideas from the LoJobrain into amazing works of art - and TRUST, we're assembling a stellar group of artists for this project!!!  

So the ball is rolling; the elevator has started its climb; the train is pulling out from the station… pick your metaphor  --- T21 is gonna be HOT!!!!

MARK YOUR CALENDARS!  MAY 31st, 2014!!  
Dance Workshop with a world-renowned Street Dance master and a Special, Limited-Seating Live "T21 Launch" Show, full of Amazing Performances and Previews of Two T21 films in Production! 

Lots of opportunities for performers, casts and crews, sponsors and supporters of all kinds!!!  More information coming this weekend when the T21 Web Page officially launches!!!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Updates coming soon! (We've been busy in the LoJoLab!!)

Updates on DiG, Roofless & other 2014 projects coming soon!
Get weekly updates on what we're doing by following us on Facebook. (We also share some of our favorite Street Art and Street Dance vids once a week too.)  

And yes, we'll get our Twitter & Instagram accounts firing on all cylinders as soon as we go into pre-production on our first 2014 project next month…we wanted to wait until we had more to blab about. You know.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

LoJoTHROWz (throwback thursday) - Branjae! And ASOG honored by Jim Hirsch

Branjae is one of Tulsa's most in-demand performers. She tears up a stage like no one can!  
But to us, this superstar will always be our lil sis "P-Nutt" hahaha.   We've worked with her since she was around 12.  yup.    Yesterday was her birthday so we thought we'd pull out some old shots (ones that weren't TOO embarrassing hahaha.)
Above: Here's P-Nutt at the "Roofless" Demo Cast Recording, singing the part of Lil Tiff, 2005, Tulsa. 

Above: P-Nutt returned to the Roof in 2009 for a table read of "Roofless" in the principle role of Sela.  The bros, left to right are J-Fresh, who joined us from Dallas & Mike Fruga, our Tulsa homie by way of North Hollywood.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2014 updates just around the corner!

Updates on DiG, Roofless & other 2014 projects will be announced soon!
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And yes, we'll get our Twitter & Instagram accounts firing on all cylinders as soon as we go into pre-production on our first 2014 project a few months from now…we wanted to wait until we had more to blab about. You know.