Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Link to our new T21 WEBSITE!!!

The T21 site is now officially up and running!  
Lots of information about what T21 is and the three T21 projects currently in production. It will be the go-to spot for dates, timelines, casting information, concept art, behind-the scenes pics and footage of the T21 stage show and films as they come to life!  We will be making a BIG announcement very soon regarding our first T21 visiting artist!  This will also be the spot to purchase advance tickets for the events!  

The curtain rises on the first T21 events on May 31st, but the behind-the-scenes hubbub is already at a fevered pitch!  Be a part of our first LoJoWerkz project created FOR Tulsa, BY Tulsa, and ABOUT Tulsa in more than a decade!!!   

Here's the gateway!  C'mon in and journey deeper with us!  DiG?

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