Thursday, August 22, 2013

T21 Update - Changes in our 2014 Stage Performance in Tulsa

If you are a project developer/producer for stage or screen, or if you're familiar with that end of the Entertainment game, you know that there are so many steps on the ladder which leads to getting a project in front of the audience that anything & everything can happen along the way.  For every 10 projects you develop, maybe only one will make it into the public eye in a form close to what you originally envisioned.  The sidetracking or derailing of a project usually happens in the early stages before it is announced to the public, but occasionally, a project can hit a brick wall later in the game, after many steps have already been climbed.

After 3 months of intense story development, we had just completed the book of our new musical DiG, we were well into composing the score, and we were only days away from beginning the casting process when we hit a snag.  And it was a big enough snag that getting DiG onstage in Feb, 2014 was no longer possible.  On the upside, we've done about a year's worth of development on this project, so even tho the musical DiG --- with this particular story & set of characters --- will likely never see the light of day, well, as one of our business role models Walt Disney said, "Good ideas never die.  Even if they are shelved, they will always return in one form or another."   So trust, LoJoFam, you'll still get to see the best bits and pieces of this latest LoJoWerkz creation as they show up in various places, including in our 2014 live performance for Tulsa audiences.

Here's the lil piece of artwerk we put together for our facebook post.  We posted it a few days ago with this status: "Hope you're diggin the artwerk...At LoJoWerkz we believe even the bad news should look as good as possible. lol"

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