Tuesday, March 8, 2016

ROOFLESS heads to NYC for a reading with STEPHEN SCHWARTZ

"…tell all tha fam on Forty-Second Street that we will soon be there."
(yeah…a bit of a paraphrase…but thaz what we do, yo!)
(In case you missed the news, here's a copy of our Feb17th social media post)

After some unexpected scheduling issues with our upcoming LA Table Reading of "Roofless" with Stephen Schwartz, it was suggested that we move the reading to Mr. Schwartz' next available window of opportunity: mid April, in New York City. Of course, we jumped at the chance, not only because it gives us a few more months to raise the necessary funds, but also because there are many in the Broadway community who have been waiting for "Roofless" to make another NYC appearance in its development process.

Our biggest regret not being able to work with our newly-cast, highly-skilled LA Roofheads, but DEFinitely anticipate keeping them in the "Roofless" loop for future development steps. (Some are considering joining us in NYC.) We're also fienin for the palm trees and Cali sun we left behind several years ago when we returned to set up our home base back here in Tulsa, AND we were really looking forward to sayin' wassup to our Street Dance fam who keep the Hollywood Industry lit. But trust, we'll get back to paradise soon! For now though on to that magical place "Broadway."  

For the show's 2nd official visit to the capitol city of Musical Theatre, we'll be at the table with one of the greatest minds of the craft (not to mention one of the most successful creators of the art!)  Biggest of S/Os to Mr. Schwartz for once again taking time out of his schedule to visit the Roof and drop some wisdom on us!


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