"STORY GOT NEXT" is an innovative new web-series from LoJoWERKZ 
This multi-episode supernatural crime thriller is the latest genre-blending offering from the award-winning musical theatre playwrights of "Roofless."  Get ready for a new kind of experience as the LoJoWerkz team brings its unique vision to the world of Street Dance!
Now in Development/Pre-Production. 
This project will be produced in Tulsa & Los Angeles.

Casting information: TBA

(This is an Independent Film Production. Contact Us if You're Interested in $upporting This Project or Becoming a Sponsor)

The Street Dance community is shaken to its core by a double tragedy. First the talented "Bboy Spin” dies of a sudden heart attack. Days later his best homie, a unique dancer aptly named “Story” (for his ability to create emotionally jarring narratives as he dances) suffers an apparent stroke while dancing a tribute at Spin's memorial service.  His left side paralyzed, Story struggles to build a new life, throwing himself into the production of a weekly video blog that focuses on the narrative aspects of Street Dance. His work is plagued by a series of strange technical anomalies that lead him to believe his dead homie Spin is trying to contact him in order to avenge what is possibly his wrongful death orchestrated by an energy drink corporation.

Although Story is confined to a wheelchair with his speech relegated to an electronic typepad, his world becomes far from sedentary as he is supernaturally led to uncover the secret behind a rapidly increasing list of “accidental deaths” in the Street Dance community. 

When he discovers he is part of a multi-generational plot to harness and control the ability of supernaturally-gifted dancers ---ones who have a proven ability to affect large audiences on a subconscious level --- he finds himself swept up in a Danse Macabre that is accelerating to a fevered pitch.  Story realizes the supernatural struggle for which forces will control the next generation of gifted dancers is now resting solely in his barely-functioning hands.  

This supernatural crime thriller, created by award-winning musical theatre playwrights Tim Long and Jerome Johnson, pulls from several genres (Suspense/Horror, Film Noir, Steampunk Fantasy, and Urban Dance Film) to bring a unique narrative story to the visually stunning world of Street Dance.  

If you’ve been wondering what the next step would be in the renaissance of musical theatre or what new territory Street Dance would explore next , the answer might just be: “Story Got Next!”

The Pilot Episode of "Story Got Next" takes place a decade before the main series and is set in the small Oklahoma town of Okmulgee --- a very unlikely place for a mysterious, haunted 17-year-old Street Dance Battlehead to show up alone & try to establish a quiet life for himself. When the personal demons he is trying to escape show up in this remote locale, its clear that his personal haunting is beginning to break out of the cypher of his mind, pulling him into a bigger realm of reality for a kind of battle he'd never anticipated.

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