Sunday, September 22, 2019


Yep.  We’ve been woefully silent here in blogsville for too many months!  It’s not because nothing is going on.  It’s the opposite.  Our too-few hours in the day have been getting gobbled up by three, yeah THREE major works in Development, PreProduction & Production: ROOFLESS our ground-breaking musical which is breaking more new ground as we re-construct it as a limited series for screen; a 20-year long revamp our first original musical, A SONG OF GREENWOOD (based on the events surrounding the Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921) which is nearing completion and starting to make the “pitching” rounds to potential funders, producers, supporters, and potential cast & crew; and lastly, HOTFOOT our first film project, starring the incomparable international dance star, Lil Buck.

If you think THAT was an overly-weighty run-on sentence, you should see our daily to-do lists. 🤣

If you’ve actually sought out this blog page and read this post in whole, we have undying admiration for your support of our werkz!  Seriously tho!  Please stay tuned and keep your ear to the ground as these projects will hopefully, albiet gradually, come into the public light over the next 18-24 months.

Upcoming tings:
- A Song of Greenwood website launch. (In anticipation of a Centennial performance of some sort... still in hush hush mode.)

- Some oft-asked-about LoJo casting opportunities in the Tulsa area & possibly NYC/LA for development projects: new score demos, development readings for ASOG & ROOFLESS the Series.

- Additionally, we’ll be working with our IDENTITY SCHOOL of ACTING family (home of Letitia Wright, John Boyega,  & Malachi Kirby — aka Shuri, Finn & Kunta Kinte — & many other incredible actors) as they make their indelible mark on Hollywood with the premiere year-end “Filmcase” festival which will showcase and celebrate the first group of alums from the award-winning school’s initial year of operation in Los Angeles. 

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