We have long created art work to support, develop and promote our LoJoWerkz projects.  Co-founder Tim Long, as TuTchT IMAGING, also creates illustrations and artwork which explore, deconstruct and celebrate the African-American Male archetype. For years TuTchT has created art promoting young Black men who are doing excellent work in the Modeling/Fashion, Street Dance and Entertainment Industries. Because all these works come from the same minds, there is often overlap between LoJoWerkz and TuTchT visuals.  The recent viral popularity of a piece we created to honor the four 2016 history-making Tony winners (entitled "Tony's History") prompted us to finally provide a way for the public to purchase gallery-quality prints of some of our most popular work. Proceeds from the purchase of these works go towards our effort to create stage and screen projects with great roles for performers of color, and in some cases also support the work of those featured in the art. 

If you want to support our work, or if you want to support the messages of these pieces please click the link below to go to the TuTchT Art Market.  You can get prints for your walls, as T-shirts, even as a phone cover, beach towel, shower curtain, throw pillow or tote bag.  Hahaha… yup…we gotchu!  Thanks of your support!!!  

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