Tuesday, December 22, 2015

S/O to our bro JOHN BOYEGA!!!! - all 10 of our IG countdown posts

We've been a fan of John Boyega for many years, since first seeing him in a BBC TV movie in 2012, then subsequently seeing the AMAZING "Attack the Block."   Blown away is an understatement. We've been waiting, fingers crossed, for his emergence in the US film market. In another galaxy far far away, I was a kid, adolescent and college student during the release of the original Star Wars trilogy so naturally these films have had a HUGE influence on me as a storyteller! So the premiere has a double set of thrills attached to it for me personally. To celebrate the "unknown" Mr. Boyega's overnight skyrocketing career (with GALAXY-SIZED ShoutOuts to his discoverer, teacher and agent Femi Oguns, IAG & the Identity School of Acting) we dedicated a post-a-day on instagram for the 10 days leading up to the premiere. In case you missed them, here's all 10 of our BOYEGA DAYS posts edited into one clip. BIG UPS JOHN BOYEGA!!!
(We love hidden connections… so, can anyone detect the alliteration of Boyega Days to a certain classic Hitchcock horror locale? If so, we're definitely birds of a feather. hahaha.)  

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