Sunday, April 1, 2012

Oops.  Has it been 2 months since our last post?!!!  oh my.  For DAILY whatnots & blabber from us, check out our facebook page. We share lots of vids and pics of friends whose work we follow and respect - from the worlds of Street Dance, Musical Theatre, Stage, Film, TV, Recording, News and Current Event bloggery.   At some point we may combine our various media pages and post the same things everywhere, but for now we've decided to devote this LoJoWerkz blog exclusively to info about our work... not so much out of narcissism, but as a way of keeping some order ...some method to our moddness.

We are deep in development on our 2012/2013 projects and will soon have some wavyesque items to post about these hushy-hush projects.

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