Monday, January 2, 2012


So I have a Film Degree but spent the last 15 years building a career in live theatre.  haha.  Jerome's forte is dance/choreography but because of the Broadway development process, "Roofless" hasn't been fully staged (with choreography) since 2004. smh.  All good tho. We've spent the past several years wisely - sharpening our writing and storytelling skills under the tutelage of some of Broadway & Hollywood's best storymen! (Thanks to ASCAP, Michael Kerker & Stephen Schwartz)

So YES! FINALLY In 2012, under our new banner of LoJoWERKz, we are branching back into our roots (yeah, I know...a really weird metaphor...thaz just how we roll creatively).

Our LoJo(FILM)WERKz will def have strong stories & characters, innovative music and our trademark blending of Old and New styles, but the focus will be on DANCE!  We have projects in development that will allow us to work with great dancers across the board, from the top International stars of the Street Dance world to the best dancers in our Tulsa stomping grounds. Click on our 2012 PROJECTS to learn more.  

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